Speaking at the American University – September 4th 2020

Police fired 41 shots when they killed Amadou Diallo. His mom hopes today’s protests will bring change.

Kadiatou Diallo was pained when she heard about the death of black Minneapolis resident George Floyd after he was arrested by four

Amadou Diallo Case Trial Featured on Netflix Trial By Media Series

The Amadou Diallo Case trial is now featured in Episode Three of Trial by Media, Netflix's new original series. Episode three is

20 Years After the NYPD Killing of Amadou Diallo, His Mother and Community Ask: What’s Changed?

Kadiatou Diallo often wonders what her son Amadou’s life would be like if he were still alive. What if he had gone

20 Years Ago: Amadou Diallo Killed by Police in a Hail of 41 Bullets

BRONX, N.Y. - Amadou Diallo came to New York from West Africa to live the American Dream. The 23-year-old wanted to earn

Mural honors man killed in police shooting

A brighter, more positive mural has replaced the mural previously depicting the loss of the 23-year-old man who was killed by police