We are so glad to share how we commemorated
the life and legacy of Amadou Diallo

Bronx community college hosted the 5th annual Amadou Diallo Youth commemoration on February 4th, 2018 in collaboration of the Amadou Diallo Foundation, BCC step program, BCC trio Pre-collegiate programs, BCC male empowerment Network and Unity & strength.

On February 7th the Amadou Diallo foundation hosted it’s annual ” Mom , I’m going to college” fundraising event. Thanks to our generous sponsors, friends, supporters, and families we were able to raise money for the Amadou Diallo scholarship fund. We are grateful for your continued engagement with the Amadou Diallo Foundation.

Here are some pictures from this fantastic event:


Our Next Project is the expansion of the Amadou Diallo Computer School in Africa!!!!

The coming month we will be launching our peer to peer fundraising campaign, we want to partner with individuals and organizations to raise money for the Amadou Diallo School project in Africa.

Please let us know if you will be interested in hosting a peer to peer campaign in support of the Amadou Diallo school project in Africa.

Please see below pictures of the first school built in 2006.

Three additional scholarships recipients granted !

Lastly, we are very excited to announce three additional scholarship recipients at the Bronx community college, and we have also started a new scholarship program with The Stella and Charles and Guttman community college.

We look forward in continuing to grow the scholarship fund so that Amadou Diallo’s dream of a college degree will be realized for many more deserving students. Let’s continue to invest in the future of young generations!

Thank You!

The Amadou Diallo Foundation